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I’d like to take a little chance to introduce you to my family so you can find out a little bit more about us and hopefully help you to understand the type of content you can expect to find here at Cruises & Caravans which I began in April 2019. We are a family of four living in Hampshire and I think our favourite place to stay so far has been the Isle of Wight. It’s easy for us to get to and really feels like a holiday destination without being too far from home.

I live with my partner Adam who goes along with all my travel plans and thankfully is also a fan of cruising and caravan holidays. So far we’ve only cruised as a couple but we do have our first family cruise booked for next year and we are all very excited. I met Adam in 2012 and we’ve been venturing around the country and Europe together since then.

Child number one is Evangeline born in September 2010. Evangeline lives with us but regularly spends time with her dad and gets to go on many more adventures. She is used to travelling long distances by car and public transport now especially as many of our own personal travels have been done without having a car in the household.

Child number two is Felix born in October 2018. I can’t say much about his experience so far but I’ll be blogging all my tips about travelling with a baby.

The family behind cruises and caravans -  a UK based travel blog focusing on UK Caravan Parks and Family Cruise Holidays

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