Our First Caravan Holiday

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The first caravan holiday we had as a family was spent in the Park Dean Resorts Holiday Park Landguard in Shanklin, Isle of Wight. Landguard Holiday Park is a smaller park based on the eastern side of the Isle of Wight and is accessible by Ferry, Hovercraft from Portsmouth Harbour. You can also get to Landguard holiday park by train after crossing over from Ryde. It takes around twenty minutes and is quite a picturesque train ride down.

I remember picking out Landguard for our family holiday and booking a last minute deal for October. Back then we had the freedom to travel during term time as Evangeline had only just turned four and we did the entire leg of the trip by public transport. We were lucky with the weather for October and got a Gold Plus standard of Caravan which had loads of room, a fully equipped kitchen and was situated next to a play park.

Shanklin is a lovely destination for a family holiday as there is so much to do and suitable for all ages. It particularly comes to life during the summer holidays which we learned when we returned in 2018. For our first holiday as a family of three it was an ideal location and we had a lot of fun.

Evie had a great time at the kids discos and kids clubs whereas Adam and I enjoyed being somewhere quiet and being able to snuggle up on the sofa with the fire on in the evening. We were able to get out and about easily and everything was so central. It became apparent during that first caravan holiday that we would love to continue doing these every year as it’s a form of camping we are absolutely on board with.

I like caravan holidays because they come with everything you need for a holiday as well as running water and your own shower. The only thing we’ve found frustrating is taking luggage on public transport but as we haven’t been able to drive it’s been more of a negative against us rather than a caravan holiday.

I know caravan holidays aren’t suitable for every family but for us they make sense. There is always a shop on site for convinience and thanks to google maps you can scout out the area you’re staying in very quickly. This has helped in our planning as we know in advance where a supermarket is. We always pick a park that has lots of facilities for kids like a swimming pool and entertainment as it’s important the whole family has something they can look forward to whilst away.

We particularly like the Isle of Wight because there is so much there to do for everyone when it comes to day trips and getting about on the Island by bus, train or taxi has been pretty easy for us. Since then we’ve had a caravan holiday almost every year and I hope it’s a tradition we will continue with as as Felix gets older. I think he’ll love being on a campsite just as much as Evangeline does!

Our first caravan holiday on Isle of Wight, Hampshire at Landguard Holiday Park, Park Dean Resorts

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