Our First Couples Cruise

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The first time we had a cruise holiday feels like such a long time ago now. Adam and I booked a weekend cruise after we had been together for three years. It was a weekend Evangeline was with her dad and it was a nice chance for us to have a bit of time together and go somewhere we hadn’t been before. It wasn’t strictly a couple’s cruise as it was on a family friendly ship but it was our first cruise together as a couple and it really helped give us a taste for it.

Since then I’ve been totally converted to cruising as opposed to flying. I’ve never liked flying really and thankfully do not suffer with sea sickness so cruising has been a fantastic alternative for us to travel and see different places.

The first ship we cruised on was P&O’s Oceana which is a mid sized ship and was really a lovely experience. We sailed to and from Bruges which gave us two nights to experience cruising and a day in a place we’d never thought to visit before. The whole thing was really lovely and helped us gain a little experience before booking a larger, longer cruise along the Norwegian fjords.

We now have another week long cruise booked as a family of four and I really can’t wait. It’s on P&O’s newest ship which joins the fleet in 2020 and I think we are going to have a great time. It will be really good to understand the more family friendly facilities included when it comes to cruising although I would love to test the kids on a shorter, mini cruise before hand if my funds will allow it.

I think mini cruises like the first one we did are a great way to see if you are going to enjoy cruise life as well as giving you a sample of what to expect at a fraction of the price. Mini cruises are great ways to try nicer or bigger cabins as the rates are obviously less although I have to admit having only ever had a balcony cabin I’m not sure I’d like to be without the private indoor space on future cruises!

Have you cruised before? Tell me about your first cruise in the comments!

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