P&O Oceana Cruise Ship Review

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Oceana is one of P&O Cruises family friendly mid-sized ship and was the first cruise ship we sailed on. Our first cruise was a mini cruise to Belgium and Oceana gave us a taste of what to expect from P&O as a cruise provider. It was a perfect introduction for cruise life for us as a couple.

What is P&O Oceana Like?

The ship itself is pretty easy to get around as it’s smaller than some of the newer ships. Oceana is a family friendly ship and has a lot to offer for families from swimming pools, hot tubs, a kids club and many other facilities. It has a range of cabins from indoor to suite level so something to suit everyone on board as well as a selection of select dining restaurants.

Having a Balcony Cabin on Oceana

We had a Balcony cabin towards the back of the ship on the starboard side and felt some movement but not as much as I thought we would for a November cruise. We loved having a balcony cabin as it gave us a little extra space and somewhere else to sit when in our cabin. I would recommend a balcony cabin if you can afford it but if you’re not planning on spending much time in your cabin then it isn’t really needed.

What is the food like on P&O Oceana

We enjoyed plenty of nice food on board Oceana in the main resturants, Cafe Jardin, afternoon tea and took advantage of room service. The buffet was great for Breakfast in the morning before we got off the boat and headed into Bruges – I particularly like the smoothie of the day.

On the first night we enjoyed the gala dinner menu which included Beef Wellington and Champagne Sorbet. What I love about cruise food is that you have a chance to really try something different.

What is the dress code on Oceana?

During the day you pretty much have the freedom to wear what you like although layers are recommended particularly when you’re at sea. As we went in November most people were casually dressed during the day as they were going on and off the boat. As it was a mini cruise we had one formal dress night which included men wearing a full suit and women in ball gowns and cocktail dresses. On the second evening the dress code was smart casual which is usually smart dark denim and polo type shirts for men. Children are expected to dress smart casual on all nights but on the formal or gala dinner nights it’s asked that the kids do not wear denim.

P&O Oceana Review

Overall our experience on Ocean was very plesant and had everything we needed for a mini cruise. It is, however, a small ship and I’m not sure there would be enough to entertain us as adults on longer cruises unless we had lengthy stays in port. Even though it’s a holiday and we like getting out to explore, we also like to take advantage of cruise facilities and whilst Oceana has plenty to do for short stays, I can’t help but feel time would be better spent on a bigger cruise for us.

That being said, however, not everyone enjoys large cruise ships and want the smaller cruise experience. For this purpose Oceana would be perfect as it has places to eat, shop, entertain and snooze a plenty. The interior of the ship is classically beautiful and there are enough places to relax throughout.

I would cruise on Oceana again but I would prefer it to be a shorter cruise like our trip to Bruges rather than a week long cruise. Whilst there is a kids club on board that my children would love, I’m not sure there is enough to do for the older, teenage children who might not want to go to the kids club but equally do not really want to spend all their time with their parents either.

A review of the P&O cruise ship Oceana a midsized family friendly ship suitable for mini cruises or couples that love the smaller cruise experience

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