Eating at Prezzo, Weymouth

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Our recent one night trip to Weymouth included a pretty delicious late lunch at Prezzo. I hadn’t been before but knew it was Italian style food which is a favourite of Adam’s. The staff were very accomodating to us having a baby with us and brought over a highchair. Felix has discovered a thing for menus and was happy babbling away whilst looking at them which was quite funny. We aren’t at the stage of ordering food for him really as he doesn’t eat much but had some finger food snacks for him to happily chomp on. We gave him his lunch at the hotel before the walk down and didn’t actually eat ourselves until around 3pm.

anti pasti board at prezzo in weymouth

We started with a sharing board of cold meats and breat Antipasti which is my absolute favourite in Italian style resturants. It was delicious! There was some balsamic and oil to dip the bread in and we demolished it pretty quickly. For our main meals Adam had lobster and crab ravioli which looked delicious and I had a goats cheese and pepper pizza. I am moving towards more veggie food at the moment so it’s nice trying veggie meals I’m not used to having.

veggie pizza with goats cheese and peppers

We also enjoyed a pudding each, Adam going for a Tiramisu and I had vanilla Panna Cotta which was delicious. It’s my go-to favourite pudding and the raspberry compote it came with was a lovely touch.

tiramisu pudding at prezzo weymouth
panna cotta at prezzo weymouth

We also enjoyed a drink each, Adam having a glass of wine and I went for a Gin spritz. Felix was pretty happy with his milk.

gin spritz cocktail with raspberries at prezzo weymouth

Prezzo is a nice Italian resturant and there is quite a lot of seating inside. We really enjoyed our meal and the staff were friendly and helpful. Service was quick and the food was hot! We stayed around an hour and a half before heading out to explore the rest of Weymouth town centre and find a new toy for Felix.

A family Italian lunch at Prezzo Weymouth

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