Our Packing List for Center Parcs

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We are heading to Center parcs Longleat Forest next month for our first ever trip there. We are really excited about it as you can imagine. To prepare for the trip I have been watching lots of videos and blogs so that we know exactly what we want to bring. We have also been following the advice to book things in early so we are really getting into holiday mood.

We are travelling with two friends which has made the break more affordable for us all. There is no denying that Center parcs breaks are very expensive but it’s been a place Adam has wanted to go for years. I had a lot of friends that loved visiting Center parcs when I was a child too however they always talked about riding bikes and I thought that was all you did there. I honestly didn’t realise how much stuff is there and now I can’t wait. I never learned how to ride a bike as a child so we won’t be hiring bikes ourselves. I always thought that was the only way to get around – how wrong I was!

We have booked a three bedroom new style executive lodge and sauna. We have just found out where our lodge has been allocated, the pine area, which is on the west side of the park. We are nice and close to a landtrain stop too which is great and it looks like there is a playpark for the children within a ten minute or so walk. I will of course confirm all of this when I write up my review. We went with this lodge as every room has an ensuite which is ideal for us travelling with friends I think.

We can’t wait for forest walks and our lodge holiday!

Packing Ideas for Centerparcs

When it comes to packing we are thinking cosy and comfortable. e are in the forest so I am expecting a bit of mud, lots of walking and rainy, cold weather as it’s going to be November. Clothes wise I am going with cardigans, jumpers, jeans and boots. Wellies all around will be coming with us too and baggy tops and jogging bottoms to quickly change into after swimming. I might bring a dress and leggings for the evening and as we are going during the festive season I may even throw in a Christmas Jumper for us all.

The pool is open until around 9pm I believe so we are all bringing our swimming costumes. I’m considering looking for a tankini top or rash vest for a bit of warmth as the rapids go outside. Evie and I will probably bring two sets of swimwear for our trip. We will use both disposable and reusable swim nappies for Felix because our lodge doesn’t have a washing machine and it’s always good to double up I think just in case. We will also bring our own towels as you can’t use the lodge towels for the swimming pool. You can hire them if you wish. All of our swim stuff will just be in one big bag and thankfully we have heated towel rails so we can dry everything quickly.

Booking Activities At Centerparcs

We have been advised to book early to save disapointment and that’s what we have done. We’ve also been advised not to fill up our time there too much so we have kept most mornings free for swimming and booked our meals in the evening. We decided we would rather eat out three of the nights and cook on the last night together so have booked Hucks, The Pancake House and Las Iguanas. We have also booked an Afternoon Tea at Cafe Rouge.

We haven’t really booked many actual activities because we want to swim everyday but we have booked to see the Christmas Pantomime and we are hoping to watch the fireworks. I might book the children in to see Father Christmas too but it is quite expensive per child. It does look magical though. We decided against bowling this time and thought the rest of our free time we can spend walking, playing in the park and swimming. This means there is no rush to get out really early but if we want to get to the pool for opening then we can.

Booking things to do is pretty easy and I love that everything is put on an itinary for everyone. We can clearly see our reservations and bookings so it makes it super simple to plan extra activities. I’d love to go to the spa one day but we just couldn’t afford it this time around. It does look lovely though.

As you can see our boot was pretty full after packing for our Center Parcs Longleat Forest Holiday.

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